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About With Love From

With Love From aims to deliver high quality, creative and stylish personalised products to help people give really great, unique, thoughtful gifts.

All we want to do is make things that we'd love to receive. And hopefully that you'd love to give.

We believe there's nothing more special than the feeling you get when somebody gives you a really thoughtful gift. One that really means something to both the giver and the recipient. And that's why we do what we do: We want to help people create and celebrate memories and to give gifts that make the recipient just say "wow".

Have a look round and let us know what you think. Hopefully you'll find the perfect gift for your loved one, family member or friend. If we're missing something and there's something you'd like to see us create then please let us know! We can print or engrave onto nigh on everything and can design a special gift just for you.

We're a small family business based in Sheffield and we love to talk.

"A smile costs nowt" as we say up here and we like to make people smile. Hopefully we can bring a smile to your loved one's face as you give them their gift.

You can keep up to date with any new products we create, or just say hi, on our social media profiles. We'd love it if you followed us on our social profiles below.

f: @withlovefrom.comgifts
t: @wlovefromgifts
i: @withlovefromgifts

And please feel free to email us on or call us on 01246 418 500 if we can help you with anything at all.

Who we are...

With Love From is made up of our family - Summer, Marc (engaged to be married!), Summer, Marc & Albi in India 2016 Albi (4) and Moonshine (bump in Summer’s belly). We also need to mention the help we’ve had to plan and build the ‘With Love From’ brand from 2015 - this includes Summer’s brothers, and a whole lot of babysitting from Grandparents! A big thank you to you all!

Both from Sheffield, following University we left the beautiful rolling hills of home (not together then), guided by our passions for travelling. After years of teaching English in Japan and Thailand, Summer landed in London to pursue a career in Marketing. Marc was also travelling around the East and then, like Summer, found himself in London for a while.

We met in 2007, working in the same team in a busy central London marketing office. Our lives were then flipped upside one day when Summer fell in love with Marc, watching him pull off some funky moves on the dance-floor one night - in an instant Summer’s friend and colleague for two years became her partner for life :) 

The rest is history...
When we decided to bring some little people into our lives we had to move back "oop No-orth", back to our roots, where loving family and friends live in Sheffield. Being back home we have loved every moment of it… Closer to the people that we love dearly and feel truly blessed to have around us. 


SummerSummer yoga Morocco
I love yoga, family, friends and travel. Yoga helps me along with a more mindful approach to life, as I feel strongly about nourishing and caring for our planet and everything that lives here with us. I have some great ideas on how we can start giving back through the ‘With Love From’ brand too, so watch this space…

I also teach yoga, so if you live in Sheffield and would like to come along, please do! Here’s my website:

Making another baby whilst bringing the ‘With Love From’ brand together, and running my yoga classes has been a busy, challenging and eventful time! But having Marc beside me as my soulmate, alongside incredible Dad and brilliant business partner, makes it all worth it :)

Another part of my life’s agenda is the excitement of us getting married. So I’m getting wholly involved in the wedding gifts side of ‘With Love From’ - this is definitely my bag! If you have any exciting ideas for wedding gifts (for the bride & groom, or for your own wedding party guests) please send them along to:

I just love to see people smile (to be continued says Summer!).

Our favourite person & travel buddy
Albi travelling in IndiaPart of the team and bod who has a significant influence on our lives. Our son Albi also has a love for travelling - you can check out his travelling Instagram here which includes time we spent in India in 2016: 

Why we love ‘With Love From’

To make the most of our creativity and passion for making people feel good and celebrating life’s awesome moments, we wanted to make gifts that really speak from the heart, and mean something to people. Some personalised gifts can be known for being a little tacky, and we wanted to bring something fresh, inspiring and creative to the personalised scene.

We work together on sourcing and designing new products, and the brand was born on 30th January 2017 with a small range of pieces that we hope people will like (we do!).