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Marc Riley Thoughts Travel

 It might be nice out there but there's no place like home!

Our Travel Themed “Travel Buddies” gift range by Missie Cindz has had me thinking about some of the travelling that both Summer and I have done. And even Little Albi!

We’re a bit travel happy, us lot. We love it. There are so many beautiful, inspiring, exciting, joyful places in the world, filled with so many beautiful, inspiring, exciting and joyful people that we just want to get out and experience it all!

Between the 3 of us – though Albi hasn’t been to any countries without us (so far as we know!) – we’ve been to around 30 countries across the globe. And we understand just how lucky we are to have done so.

Not only in that we’re lucky to have had the opportunity to get out of our own country – something that unfortunately isn’t an option for people in many places throughout the world – but also that we’ve been able to afford it. And add to this, we’re lucky we’ve been able to find our perfect Travel Buddies.

...Beauty, creativity & inspiration are all around us. You don't need to know where, but how, to look...

Let’s not forget, there’s so much beauty, creativity and life right here, all around us. With an open mind, open heart and open eyes, you can spot it everywhere you look.

Out shopping for Valentine’s gifts the other week (no, I couldn’t get something from our range for Summer – didn’t seem quite right!) I was so pleasantly surprised, once again, at the wealth of creativity around Sheffield. It may not have the material wealth as other parts of the country (you’ll not find many £1m 1 bedroom flats in 2017) but it more than makes up for that in creative wealth, passion and heart.

Popped into The Museums Sheffield Shop at the Millennium Gallery and it’s bursting with LOADS of goodies from all sorts of different craft & indie sellers: some similar to the lovely things you find at one of my fave’s Bird’s Yard (They even have one item remarkably similar to our very own Where We First Met cufflinks! Great minds think alike & all that…!!!)

Phlegm Street Artist Work at Millennium Galleries, Sheffield

Sheffield street artist Phlegm's work adorns the Millennium Gallery. Awesome!

Lots (and lots) of Sheffield based products – and why not!? We’re proud of our city and we don’t mind telling the world, who are of course welcome to pop round for a brew any time, with our famous hospitality. There's then also a range of just plain old cool stuff. I wandered out with a Build Your Own Insect House and a Build Your Own Bird House!

Didn’t see that coming…

Then there’s the pop up shop in the Winter Gardens themselves. Three different sellers showcasing their wares at the moment, and each as great as the last. A lovely card greeting from Fizzy Pigg, a spice & rooibos tea blend from Craft Teas and {insert superlative} prosecco chocolate hearts from the lovely Sorrell of “Dandelion Cocoa”.

Just visiting a couple of shops and speaking to a couple of the thousands of people out there doing great things I spoke to left me thankful, joyful, inspired and proud to be part of a vibrant city and a society that can.

And it’s not just Sheffield where this independent and craft scene is flourishing. It’s all around in your town or city. Look for it, you might just find a wonderful gift, and get a wonderful feeling by shopping local.

So whilst it’s awe-inspiring and eye-opening to get out and see different countries, cultures and communities, there’s also plenty right here on your doorstep. And After all, in life, to echo Missie Cindz, it’s not where you go, it’s WHO you travel with.

--- M x ---

You can find the peeps mentioned above at the following online locations:
Missie Cindz is on Twitter as @missiecindz and her Travel Buddies range can be found exclusively
Dandelion Cocoa's lovely chocolatey treats can be tasted at
Fizzy Pigg's fanciful fayre can be found at
Craft Tea can be found at (and their Storm in a Teacup is lovely).
Museums Sheffield have loads to offer and you can find the Millennium Gallery info at

Bird's Yard are on Chapel Walk in Sheffield and are a lovely bunch on Twitter @BirdsYardSheff

Dandelion Cocoa Prosecco TrufflesWhat was left of the Dandelion Cocoa Prosecco Truffles by the time I got them home!


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