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Story behind the Plug: Children’s Hospital

Marc Riley #PlugOfTheWeek Thoughts

PlugOfTheWeek - Sheffield Children's HospitalSo, the last couple of weeks have been busy, different, interesting!

Lots of new products being last minute designed for Mother’s Day, making and sending out lots of lovely Mother’s Day gifts with messages that have made us so happy, making Albi’s Easter Hat for the school Easter Hat Parade in April (which you can see in all its glory in the picture below!) and an unplanned trip to Sheffield Children’s Hospital A&E.

Thank you to everyone who’s ordered for allowing us to help make special memories for Mummies, Mums, Nans and Grans across the country.

But it’s the last one that’s led to our #PlugOfTheWeek this week.

I’ve been making a (phenomenal, let me add) veggie lasagna whilst Summer’s helping Albi to make an (even more phenomenal) Easter hat. For the record, Albi did it all himself, with guidance from Mummy.

Gluing Sheep's Head for the School Easter HatFinished Sheep School Easter Hat
Craft hour - making Easter Hats: Sheep's head being glued (left) & the finished article! (right)

Wash Your Hands!

The Easter Hat is finished. It looks amazing! The lasagna is finished. It looks amazing! We’re all excited, clearing the table. Albi’s standing on a chair washing his hands in the kitchen sink and it’s been the perfect Sunday.

Then Albi’s not on the chair any more. He’s on the floor screaming. He’s fallen off and bumped his head. He’s bumped his head before – he’s 4 & a half, of course he has – but he’s never been like this.

He can’t breathe properly with the shock and he’s screaming, when he can get the breath.

So we’re in the car QUICK, off to hospital. Then half way there, as Summer’s trying to keep him awake (remembering advice not to let them sleep immediately following a bang to the head) he tells us he can’t see anything. He’s very upset. And he can’t see.

Not just because it’s dark. He can’t see.

Bar none, the scariest moment of our lives.


Of course we run into the hospital in a panic, to reception to get checked in, explaining “Bang to head. Says he can’t see anything”. That job on Children’s A&E reception can NOT be easy: anxious parents all thinking their child’s ailment is the most serious and having to be seen next, but having to check the patient in.

But, patiently we’re admitted and sent straight through to wait for the doctor.
Long story short is that we’re seen as quickly as possible by a lovely doctor – Doctor Tom – who needs to call for a senior colleague – Doctor John – and then Albis’s given a bed where he is (and we are!) looked after by the lovely Nurse Jenny.

As we’re there, obs checks, CT brain scan, cups of tea and visits from a range of doctors taking place, including Neuro Surgeons (!), we’re seeing and hearing all the other injuries & illnesses that the little children – all somebody’s little boy or girl – some tiny babies. We find ourselves in awe of the doctors and nurses in this place, and their ability to cope with it all. 

It’s one thing looking after poorly adults, but poorly children - when you have your own children at home even - must take something extra. More rewarding? Maybe. More distressing? Maybe. Only they know.

But what we know is that our NHS is a wonderful thing. We’re so lucky to live here with free healthcare and where our professionals are so brilliantly trained, but also so caring.

We’re one family in however many thousand each year that urgently need this hospital attention, and all the care that goes with it. A drop in the ocean of care given out each year. And we’re overwhelmed by it all.

Our ordeal lasted a few hours, after which Albi's vision started to come back thankfully, after which Nurse Jenny brought him a sandwich, some biscuits and a drink :)


That’s why Sheffield Children’s Hospital (and the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity) deserve to be our Plug of the Week, and so much more.

So THANK YOU to everyone at Sheffield Children’s Hospital - and extra special thanks to Doctor Tom, Doctor John and Nurse Jenny - for helping us through the most stressful thing that’s ever happened to us, for understanding that it’s the most stressful thing that’s ever happened to us, and for helping our little Albi feel better.

To say thank you for making me feel better to Doctor Tom and to Nurse Jenny, as they’re the main ones who looked after us, Albi wanted to make one of our coaster card gifts that he likes so much. They’re his favourite because it’s magic when the coaster comes off and the card looks the same!

So here are the ones we made for Nurse Jenny & Dr Tom :) And they're going in the post today! We hope they like them!


Thank You for Making Me Feel Better Card - Nurse JennyThank you for making me feel better coaster cards - doctor and nurse

Just so you know, Albi's fine! Couple of days off school to monitor him & he's right as rain. He now only washes his hands in the bathroom.



We've had a few people get in touch to ask if these coaster cards are available to purchase. We originally didn't want them to go on sale as they were unique to us for Albi to say thank you.

BUT!!! We've decided that we could use the proceeds to help the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity (TCHC), so we've decided to make them available for sale, with £1.50 from each coaster card purchased to be donated to TCHC.

You can buy here "Thank You For Making Me Feel Better Coaster Card" »


-- M x -- 

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  • JEnny on

    Thank you so much for this lovely letter.
    I was albi’s nurse. I’m glad I could deliver the care that every nurse hopes to be able to deliver to every patient.
    I am looking forward to receiving my card?

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