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Best Man Duties. Make sure the Best Man is the best man!

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Our guide to Best Man duties for the groom - get the right gift!

So you've chosen your best man and the all important ushers. For a few pointers on what to do next, and what to expect, read on and you'll soon be an expert on these important roles.

Traditionally, the best man works closely with the Chief Bridesmaid to ensure the wedding runs smoothly. It's the best mans responsibility to discuss wedding plans with the Bride, Groom and Chief Bridesmaid. He will also need to help choose the ushers and explain their duties. The best man and ushers will probably also arrange the Stag Night - its up to the best man to look after the Groom on this occasion! It's usual to have one usher for every 50 guests, their main duty is to look after the guests in respect to parking facilities, giving out buttonholes, providing order of service sheets, showing guests to their seats and directing families with young children to seats toward the back of the church. The ushers should arrive at the church at least half an hour before the wedding. Generally, any fetching and carrying that needs doing can be covered by the ushers.

After the wedding day the ushers can return any hired clothing. The best man is there primarily to look after the Groom, get him to the church on time, look after the rings and deliver a dazzling speech to a room full of expectant guest. No pressure then!! Touching it may be to be asked to perform the duties of best man but it can also be very stressful.

Most people do not relish the thought of standing up in front of a large crowd of people, most of whom they know, and be expected to deliver a funny charming speech. To let your best man and ushers know you appreciate all their hard work, we have a great collection of best man gifts.

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